StudiGo is proud of its technical innovation. But equally so, we are excited that StudiGo’s introduction to the market will promote greater diversity, in particular easier access to female contributors.

In general, male commentators dominate the “expert” industry. Even though there is a general awareness and even a pro-active desire among broadcasters for more female contributors, there are several obstacles preventing a greater number of women from participating in the public discourse.

To begin with, there are fewer women in influential positions. Even now, in 2016, only 4% of S&P 500 companies have women CEOs. Women are also disproportionately represented in positions of management, even in fields that are dominated by women.  For example, women make up more than half of all school teachers but are just a fraction of school principals.  The older they are, the less likely it is they held a senior position that would ‘justify’ their contribution. As a result, when a guest booker looks for a “go-to” live commentator, there is a higher probability he or she will contact a man.

More so, women – compared with men – usually have less flexible schedules.  They are thus less likely to be able to accommodate last-minute or after-hours interview requests. Socially, they are often under greater personal and societal pressure to take-on traditional roles (like rushing home to cook dinner and get the children ready for bed). Even in two working-parent families, it is usually the woman who stays home when a child is sick or when a plumber needs to visit.  As a result, their voices are more easily left out of the conversation.

The more the men appear, the more they are sought out for future appearances. As a result – a consequence of reliability and repetition – men are more likely than women to get requests in the first place.

This is where StudiGo can make a difference. StudiGo offers mobility and flexibility.  The StudiGo can simply pull up to a woman’s home, and within minutes, she’s on-the-air. Minutes later, she’s done ... and back inside her home.

Women experts wanting to be on-air after-hours don’t have to compromise that time with their families. StudiGo allows a female expert – a working-mother living in Arlington, Virginia – to have dinner with her children and go live on-air while the kids are washing up. StudiGo allows another female expert – an NIH scholar living in Bethesda, Maryland – to help her children get prepared for school and still be live on a morning show talking about her recent research breakthrough.

This is what StudiGo can help achieve.