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Mobile Studio WashingtonStudiGo is a mobile production facility with built-in live cellular transmission capability. A StudiGo vehicle can be sent directly to a guest and parked outside of their location, allowing for easy and immediate studio access. StudiGo will then deliver seamless, broadcast-quality transmission of the vehicle's camera signal, allowing for the real-time  interview of "talking heads" with an industry-standard “insert studio” look.

Using StudiGo, news channels will then have live studio content from the curbside comforts of their guest's home, office, business dinner meeting, etc.  Wherever. Whenever.

We have StudiGo vans based in four major hubs:

              • StudiGo-NY based in New York City, available for hits in all five boroughs, Westchester and upstate New York, Long Island (this van got to spend a lot of its summer in the Hamptons!), Connecticut, and other northeast locations.
              • StudiGo-LA based in Los Angeles, available for hits in southern California as well as northern California.
              • StudiGo-DC based in Washington, DC, available for hits in DC proper, Maryland, Virginia, and we've also taken field trips to West Virginia and Delaware.
              • StudiGo-MA based in Boston, available for hits in New England.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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